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When visiting a land-based casino, there are a couple of classic games that will always catch your eye as you walk past their tables and see excited gamblers enjoying the thrill of gambling. Craps is one such game on offer at many casinos, and this dynamic dice game will never fail to grab your attention – either at land-based casinos or online! It is for this exact reason that more and more online casinos in Canada are making quality online craps games available to their players from Canada in a bid to bring all the thrill of land-based gambling to an online platform.

While providing a top-notch experience, ultimate safety and a great range of craps games is ultimately a casino’s responsibility, it’s up to you as a discerning player from Canada to choose a safe and reliable casino that suits your gambling needs. With our help here at, you’ll soon be well on your way to claiming that juicy welcome bonus on offer at our best casinos and getting started with the most exciting craps games the internet has to offer!

While the exact history of the game of craps is still hotly debated by casino history experts, most can agree that the English knight Sir William of Tyre is probably due credit for coining the game’s idea. His original invention was the game of Hazard, a game similar to craps that was played by British nobles and naves alike as far back as the 12th century. Hazard was soon repurposed by the French, and a few centuries later the game was again adapted for modern play by one John Winn, who added many of the craps bets and table features that we still use today.

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How to Play Craps Online

At first glance, a craps table may seem intimidating, as the game poses a fair number of complex bets to take on board. However, the beauty of internet craps games means that a large proportion of our fantastic casinos will offer you free craps games, allowing you to learn the game in a risk-free environment before wagering your own precious Canadian dollars.

Craps is an easy game to pick up, and the game is started when you place the chips of your choice under the ‘Pass’ or ‘Don’t Pass’ section of the craps table. If you’re the one rolling the dice in search of big wins, you’ll throw an initial ‘Come Out Roll’ using to 2 dice to get the game started, and then a second roll will take place. Roll a 12, 3 or 2 during this second roll and the game will be over; roll any other result and that figure will become the Point. The objective of the game is to keep rolling until you hit the Point again, for which you’ll be awarded a payout. Remember, if you throw a 7, the game’s over!

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